Pon Campus

DSE Shorts presents Pon Campus ,  a vox pop show which seeks to give students from all institutions a voice while raising awareness on topical issues not covered by the mainstream media (MSM). The show will not be limited in scope and tackle a broad range of matters from politics, economics, education system, race, religion and spirituality to relationships, school fees and other controversial  issues on and off campus.

 The show aims to open the dialogue on important topics in the hopes of encouraging people to become more conscious of their beliefs and opinions which have most times been subliminally implanted into their psyche through the media. Also, it is hope that this show will foster more interest in the history of Africans and the human race on a whole, the history not taught in schools. Where current affairs is concerned, issues will be discussed plainly based on factual evidence; statistics will be cited and names will be called while at the same time not condemning anyone, merely communicating the truth. With the distrust of politicians and decision makers at an all time high, this show aims to provide an outlet for students to make their frustration known while creating an avenue for receiving the uncensored truth, as ugly as it sometimes is.  The show will:

  • Raise awareness on relevant issues

  • Give a voice to the voiceless

  • Begin the dialogue on certain topics being disregarded by MSM

  • Challenge certain status quo

  • Inspire self evaluation hence change among youth

Created by: Learie Holt

Camera Operator: Travis Longford





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