Croydon in the Mountains

1452452_512004435574182_908489642_nThe Tivoli Gardens Film & Peace Club was created in 2011 with the objective of beginning the healing process for the youth who were subjected to the horrors of a military incursion in 2010. The Film & Peace Club seeks to create a platform for creative expression for the youth there and more importantly, to provide an escape from the harsh realities of everyday life within one of Jamaica’s most dangerous communities.

1451575_512008432240449_730699681_nOn the third anniversary of the Tivoli Gardens incursion, DSE, in partnership with Manifesto Jamaica and Adrian Bailey Hay, brought children from the Film & Peace Club to Croydon in the Mountains. Nestled in the picturesque Catadupa Mountains near Montego Bay, the working plantation is the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe, one of Jamaica’s National Heroes, who dedicated his life to the fight against slavery. The outing saw the kids engaged in arts-based workshops where they received lessons on filmmaking, photography and music.

999630_512008672240425_289426195_nThe team hopes to make this trip an annual treat for the children of Tivoli and invites anyone interested to come onboard and support this initiative, which seeks to reconnect our youth with the real heroes in history and  instilling positive values.

**For more information on Croydon in the Mountains visit**

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