Introducing Biggz General

388941_267501399967271_199673860083359_889651_36484800_n-1With an original blend of dancehall, reggae, hip hop, roots rock, jazz and ska, Biggz General has been carving his niche in the international music scene with his message of empowerment and oneness. As Bob Marley’s grandson, music in undoubtedly embedded in his DNA, and for him, it is “the most relevant and influential means of relaying messages to the masses; the ultimate means of communication.” Biggz General is undoubtedly a genius in his own right, developing most of his skills and talents on his own. Outside of being a recording artiste, he also does graphic design, edits his own videos, has created his own clothing line and is currently teaching himself to play the acoustic guitar. He attributes his philosophy of independence and self-reliance to the influence of his father, who instilled these values  in him from a tender age. His innate ability to learn through observation and the natural inclination to always take initiative, combines to create the extremely versatile and crafty Biggz General, who believes “Jah nah help you if you don’t try first.”

BIGGZ2The diverse sounds that have come to characterize Biggz’s music, is reflective of his  appreciation of different people and cultures worldwide. Biggz prefers to simply be classified as a creative artist instead of being limited by classification within a specific genre. Reggae however, still forms the foundation of his music, “everything else is just spice to the pot” and the relevance of the messages remains constant throughout. The budding artiste currently has an album in the works which will explore the challenges he faces as a musician and overcoming them against all odds; encouraging the downpressed and downtrodden to do the same. He not only  pays respect to his ancestral lineage, looking at how he believes it has shaped and continues to shape him as an individual, but also has a word of encouragement. Being the grandson of a legend has its pros and cons, Biggz admitted. While it grants him a level of respect by default, he also has to grapple with people’s expectation of his sound, style, and delivery, particularly considering the strong hip hop influence felt in his music. For him, the messages being conveyed should be the focal point of his music.


Biggz is currently setting France ablaze with his music on a month-long tour across several cities in the southern region of the country; having already done shows in Carcassonne, Nimes, Narbonne, Lagrass and Fabrezan, just to name a few. Backed by a band of French musicians that he assembled, Biggz continues to show that reggae is able to transcends all borders in every sense. According to Biggz, “its not fair to deny the people of the music, it should be free to be expressed in any culture.” Organizing the tour independently, Biggz reminisces on how he built his career from the ground up beginning with shows at bars and small venues in America. He working with a sistren he met online, and the two saved up enough money from these performances to travel to France in June for a short tour. All this has culminated in his current tour at much larger venues across several cities. “All in all, Jah is true and perfect. He put I anywhere I need to be and give I anything I need to do His work; I owe it all to the Father.”


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