Launching A Promise of Revolution

KUSH4590Author and filmmaker Clairmont Chung’s Walter A. Rodney: A Promise of Revolution paints a uniquely vivid and truthful image of the life of Guyanese activist and revolutionary, Walter Rodney. Chung’s novel, which includes numerous interviews and discussions that were not included in his previously released documentary W.A.R. Stories: Walter Anthony Rodney was showcased at  the Book Industry Association of Jamaica’s annual Kingston Book Festival held this year on March 26, 2013 at the Bookophilia bookstore in Kingston, Jamaica.

Although only allotted 5 minutes to present his book, Chung did well to capture the essence of his work, receiving significant support and positive feedback from the modest turnout. Not only is Walter A. Rodney: Promise of Revolution an excellent read, it presents a positive and meaningful image by exploring the personal accounts of the influence Rodney had on a myriad of intellectuals, artists and political activists. The novel pushes the reader’s mind to delve into the real meaning of the word ‘revolutionary’ while, at the same time, questioning the contribution of our elected leaders, both past and present.

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