Fighter: Music Video or Short Film?

IMG_9743With two of Jamaica’s finest artistes teaming up with acclaimed Madhouse Records producer Dave Kelly to create Fighter, it comes as no surprise that we have what is quickly developing into an ‘anthem’ just weeks after being released. Director Kush Asher tells the tale of the value of hard work, lauding the underdog, who perseveres through all obstacles, while condemning the work of corrupt politicians.

“If  Damian Marley, who is a reggae icon, and Damian Beckett, who is a dancehall icon, can come together to create such a powerful message one one melody, then it truly shows the boundless possibilities of music and the ability for it to translate a direct message to the listeners. As such, I wanted the imagery to do the same thing because we are the story tellers, and we are going to shape the history that we want to be written,” explained Kush Asher.

So is this a music video or a short film? We’d like to say it has the best of both worlds.

IMG_9895“It was a major collaborative effort – the story is really a combination of ideas from Dave Kelly, Cham, Jr. Gong, and the story was written by Nisha Rebel,” said Kush Asher

Filled with metaphors, artistic detail and that Kush Asher signature style, the song’s video tells the familiar, but not so highlighted, tale of inner city youths beings used as pawns by elected officials.

“I had the opportunity to work with Darren Scott, who i found to be a very meticulous photographer, and I think the emotion of the light was what I was hoping to bring across the story the most. I just knew he was the right person for the role,” Kush Asher expressed.

The video follows the main character, Daniel who, when faced with the decision of money versus morality, chooses the latter and is vindicated as good overcomes evil in the end.

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