Short Film: Teaching a Lesson

Teaching a Lesson is a short film by Nisha Rebel that criticizes the education system by proposing that there are many ways to teach a lesson. The concept for this film was inspired by a TedX talk by Rita Person discussing this topic.

Her whole theme was there are different ways to teach a lesson and “no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship” – James Comber.  I can appreciate that because my mother was and still is a Montessori teacher, and so in many ways I grew up a Montessori child,” said Nisha, who linked the film to her childhood.

“What that really means is that’s my mother allowed me to teach her about who I was. She allowed me the space to teach her about who I was and she guided me. That is the whole philosophy of Montessori, the child is the teacher and the teacher is simply the guide. The whole environment is the classroom.  With this story we wanted to show there are many ways to teach a lesson,” Nisha explained.

Teaching A Lesson represents the first of many projects to be spearheaded by DSE’s junior filmmakers Travis Longford and Enoch Mattison and features members of the Tivoli Gardens Peace and Film Club ; Shaquille Henry, Richeda Smith, Natasha Thompson and Tamara Taylor.


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