Nakupenda Pia

“I never knew I would actually live in my dream. I remember when Damian Marley released Half Way Tree –  that album changed my life; and now to be shooting a scene from my video at the Clock in the middle of the famous Half Way Tree, that’s a dream come true for me.” Wyre commented as he reflected on his experiences in Jamaica.

He had flown thousands of miles from his home in Nairobi, Kenya for the shooting of the music video for his collaboration with Reggae songbird Alaine – Nakupenda Pia. En route, he was awarded the Best New Reggae Artiste by the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

“I’m really excited about this song and the video. Love the concept of two souls on a journey. It’s my first collab with an artist from Africa, and Wyre is so talented. So I look forward to how it turns out and actually performing it in Kenya!” Alaine shared with us as she readied for the shoot.


Nakupenda Pia shows Wyre going on a journey from Kenya to Jamaica to find his Empress, Alaine. Simultaneously, we see two indigenous spirits of each land also journeying to find each other. It is a tale of two souls on a journey to become one. The chant ‘Nakupenda Pia’  is Swahili for I Love You too.

“I wanted to challenge Wyre’s acting ability a little. This is his first video that is so story driven, and Im very happy that both artists were open to the Vision and look forward to how their fans will receive the story,” explained Director Nisha Rebel.


“This project is like a fruit of the 50 DNA journey we took last year to make links and build bridges between  artistes on the continent and Jamaica. Jah wrote the story perfect, because Kenya was the first country we stopped in to build bridges, so it would only make sense that the first Creative Fruit to grow would be from Kenya.” she continued.

DSE Filmmakers in Training Travis & Enoch were on set as the behind-the–scenes film crew.

“This was was only my second time working on the set of a music video shoot,” said Enoch Mattison. “I met a lot of people, and had the opportunity to go to Mount Edge which was a first for me..”

“I enjoyed working on this video,” said Travis Longford. “The first location was Half Way Tree and it was interesting to see everything take place there amidst the hustle and bustle of people going about their business. The scenic view at Mount Edge was quite breathtaking. It provided a unique contrast to the vibrant spirit of the city.” 

Special Thanks to Niche Entertainment, Mount Edge, One Jamaica Lifestyle & all the hands that were on deck!


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