Alaine – Jah is so good to me

I don’t think there is a difference in what we are trying to say as people, whether we say Jah is so good or God is so good. People use so many senses to interpret a sound and an image, when its really who feels it that knows it.

Alaine is known as Jamaica’s songbird. Her beautiful harmonies and melodies combined with positive and pure perspectives has kept her in the hearts of music lovers locally and internationally.


“I wrote the song, ‘Jah is so good’ ,from my heart. I recognize the goodness of God in my life . I call Him, Father, God, Jah. I think that people might not expect me to use this phrase because they might only associate Jah with Rastafarianism. But that’s fine with me. It’s good to be unpredictable ‎. I decided to shoot the video after I heard the final mix of the song, and I knew Nisha Rebel would be the perfect director for the video.”



“I remember I couldn’t sleep that night when I first heard the song. It was about 2 am and I had just gotten home from shooting another video. Once it started to play, I immediately became engulfed in the message. The images came to me very clearly and I knew that this was an opportunity to communicate an overstanding of the word JAH in a different way. Usually you think about a Rastaman when you hear someone chant Jah! But to see Alaine singing a song like this, and she knows the little innuendos about Jamaican society, I would say she is brave, and I applaud her Rebel”, said Director Nisha Rebel

Jah is so good is a collage of stories, moments with the young and very old, able & disabled, employed and unemployed… It shows the mercy of Jah in the simplest of moments.


We got the opportunity to film on location in the Rollington Town community and at Vaz Prep. DSE is grateful for the chance to spend a Beautiful Sunday afternoon sharing stories about the goodness of Jah, and give special Thanks to Niche Entertainment, Vaz Prep, and Mr.Sheppard Snr.

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