2013 Makka Pro Surf Contest

In the blistering heat of the St. Thomas sun, we pulled up to the Makka Surfing Beach for the Makka Pro Surf Contest. The vendors were just setting up their stalls, and as we walked through the venue with equipment on our shoulders, it was breathtaking to see the camaraderie between competitors from across the world as they prepped for the competition.

ImageSports photography was a new concept to us, especially since we had only recently gained experience filming music videos and short films, but as a team we were focused and dedicated.

“Teamwork is very important especially in this business you always need someone there to help you filming a entire event can be done by yourself but it’s not something I would advise.”

– Enoch Mattison, Junior Camera Assistant

“Enoch was a cool Camera Assistant he also gave a few good pointers in capturing shots, plus we switched equipment from time to time so each of us was doing equal work and each of us would get more familiar with the equipment.”

– Travis Longford, Junior Camera Operator

We studied our surroundings, learning quickly about what made a good shot and who we should be focused on. We had to learn to think on our feet and Imagework as a team in order to capture all the shots required to tell the story of the two DSE-sponsored surfers, Imani and Ivah Wilmot, for a television pilot.

The first day was hectic, we weren’t accustomed to working in this kind of environment; trying to capture the athletes, the competition, and the behind-the-scenes all at the same time, and with only one camera, proved to be a difficult task. But, working with DSE has prepared us for the fast-paced realities of film production.

“Working with DSE provides the opportunity to meet professional photographers and filmmakers that I would not normally meet.”

– Travis Longford, Junior Camera Operator




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